- Sun Spots and Solar Activities -

Taken with my 12"LX200 / Coronado PST

I have 2 type of filters/scopes :

- Orion Solar Filter I use on my LX200
- Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST)

Partial Solar Eclipse on 10/Jun/2002...
Mercury Transit 2006 on 8/Nov/2006...

Here are a couple of images :


This increased activity was observed on March 30th of 2001.

SunSpots ZoomIn

Zooming in on the spots.
Both of those brown-spots on the right are about 4 times of the size of Earth.

Sun in Alpha range

The Sun in the 6563A ( H-Alpha ) range.
Using my new Coronado PST - Click for higher-res.

SunSpots and a ConTrail

Cought an airplane's contrail there...

Partial Solare Eclipse

Partial Solar Eclipse from Northern-California on 10/Jun/2002...

Partial Solare Eclipse

Mercury Transit 2006 from
Northern-California on 8/Nov/2006...

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