- The Hybrid 2004 Toyota Prius -
Tips & Tricks

  • How do I change the display colours? - From the third level diagnostic menu. See more here.

  • How do I get into the diagnostic screens? 1. Start the HV system. ( Power Up your vehicle )
    2. While pressing and holding ”INFO” switch, operate light control switch, OFF, TAIL, OFF, TAIL, OFF, TAIL, OFF.
    3. Full features and screens are here.
    4. To exit either turn the power switch off, or press the ”DISPLAY” switch for 3 seconds.

  • How do I turn off that annoying beeping in reverse? 1. Power on (not necessarily ready, IG-ON will do).
    2. Set Trip/ODO to ODO
    3. Power off.
    4. Power on to ready (brake on).
    5. Within 6 seconds, press and hold ODO for 10 seconds or more.
    6. WHILE STILL HOLDING ODO *after* 10 seconds, Shift from P to R, then back to P. Now release ODO.
    7. You'll see in the trip display "b on" or "b off".
    8. Press ODO to toggle.
    9. Now power off.
    (If you disconnect the 12v battery, you may lose this change.)

  • How do I turn off the Flashing Maintenance light (oil change reminder)? 1. Turn the power switch IG-ON and make sure that the ODO/TRIP meter is the odometer display.
    2. Turn the power switch OFF.
    3. While pushing the "ODO/ TRIP meter switching & TRIP meter reset" switch, turn the power switch IG-ON.
    4. Until the resetting is completed, the reminder light flashes.
    5. The resetting is completed when the reminder light turns OFF. Release the "ODO/TRIP meter switching & TRIP meter reset" switch.
    6. After the resetting is completed, the ODO/TRIP meter displays as a set of zeros for 1 second. Then, the ODO/TRIP meter displays the your normal odometer mileage.

  • How do I reset the driver side power window? 1. Push down the power window switch and lower the window halfway.
    2. Pull up the switch until the window closes and hold the switch for a second.

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