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My foglights mod work

( Apr/17/2005 )

All this mod is about being able to use the "foglights" as Daytime Running Lights.
Detailed discussion on this topic can be found on
PriusChat.com and on PriusOnline.com.
You will need to reset the window and station settings after this procedure!

The Process :

First, I took off the panel on the left to gain access to
the 'other' screw which holds the bottom part.

I removed the other screw in the middle and than
removed the bottom panel. I unplugged the interior light
control switch, the smart entry button and the hood opener.

Next I removed the metallic plate which hides the connector box.

Unfortunately the space was too limited for a good access to the wires in question.

So, I had to remove the connectors one by one.
I took digital pictures to make sure I can reassemble it later...

I also removed the screws which held the unit as I needed
to gain access to the back side of it.

I soldered a connector ( yes, I used a DC power jack ) to B5 13/17
so that I can decide how to "jump" it later.

After taking care of the insulation, I put everything back...
This is how my B5 looks now from below.

Per Dan's suggestion, I used a rectifier diode ( RadioShack 1N4004 ).

Plugged it in to the - now jack'd - B5.

Works likes a charm. Big thanks for the excellent DanMan32!

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