Yacthzee Yacthzee Yacthzee

(downloading is at the bottom)

Standard Look
This is how the application looks at a new game.
As you can see, first you'll have to roll the dice.
Roll the dice with the button at the lower-right corner.
Tap the text-fields for entering your score.
You can enter your score only if the field is empty.
Before rolling, you can select fields several times.
You can select dice not only by tapping on them,
but with 'area' selection as well.
There is a 'New Game' shortcut on the upper-right corner.
Standard Yacthzee rules apply.

Menu selection

Available menu points...
None of the menu points destroy the desk, so feel free
to check the 'Hall of Fame' list or have a look at the
'Rules' description. Even the 'Exit' will preserve the
state of the game (including leaving the game with other
methods), so you can continue playing where you left it off.

Game Menu selection
To start a new game, select 'New Game'.
'Undo' is only available to go back to rolling from scoring!
Check the 'Rules' for more info...

Registering for HOF
Once the game is over and you made
it to the Hall of Fames, this screen
will be presented, where you can change
your name and register.

This is a description of the used rules.
I have found a few different descriptions
on the web and finally decided to use what
I thought is the most entertaining.
Please read it if you find something "funny"
about scoring or behaviour...

Hall of Fame menu
Going back to the deck from the menu.

Hall of Fames
This is the Hall of Fames.
As you can see, 7 entries can
be and will be stored.
You can clear the list with the
'Clear' button, the 'OK' button will
take you back to the desk.

Rules Menu selection
These are the available menus from the 'Hall of Fame'.
You can export and import scores, to share with others.
Beaming a score also works, just follow the instructions :
- Invoke the menu (export or beam), than tap on the score
you wish to export / beam. The 'export' will encode the
selected score into a string which than you can import
to your own Hall of Fames by typing in in 'Import Score'.

Exporting selection
This is how the generated string looks like.
It contains all the information related to the
score being exported. It has been encoded for
integrity and security purposes.

Press 'Shift' and download it! (22K)