Pregnancy Info Medical Pregnancy Info Medical Pregnancy Info Medical

(downloading is at the bottom)

This program is based on the request of Dr. M.Nwynn
at the Kaiser Medical Hospital in Redwood City, CA

Standard Look
This is how the application looks.
You can specify any parameters to change or check
any other parameters. Fe. if you change the Due Date,
both the iLMP and the gestational age will be recomputed.
*IMPORTANT* If you change the Gestational age, the date
where your focus was (where the little blinking cursor was)
remains unchanged and the other date(s) will be recomputed
according to the newly set gestational age.

GAge selection
By tapping on the numbers before the Week(s) or Day(s)
at the Gestational age, a list will pop up, from where
you can select the new gestational age. The affected date(s)
will be recomputed and displayed. See above description on
how the affected date(s) is/are selected.
The (Recompute) button forces the Gestational age to be
recomputed in case you edit the dates manually.

Date selection
By tapping on the (Change) buttons,
You will be given the Palm's built-in easy
interface to select a new date.

Press 'Shift' and download it! (8.5K)