Braille Braille Braille

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Standard Look
This is how the application looks.
The square part is where the Braille sign
is / will be displayed. The dotted circles
marks the position of the dots. The text
next to the little black triangle is the
meaning of the displayed Braille sign.

Menu selection
By tapping on the text or on the little
black triangle, you can activate a menu
and select a sign or an expression to be
displayed in the Braille cell.

Setting Auto-Off time
You can also tap on the dots to check
for the meaing. You can also use rectangular
selection to select multiple dots by tapping
and dragging the stylus from on corner to the
other. This will invert the status of the
selected dots.

Useful sites on Braille : History , Basics , Braille Remote Learning , HotBraille , About Braille

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