- Our Digital Picture Frame Plus -

Background Info :

The premise of making this digital picture frame was the fundamental need for up-to-date
weather information and forecast served in a family oriented way, such as having nice
family photos in the background. We looked and looked but found no products out there
which can even remotely satisfy our expectations. Having Ági's old Fujitsu laptop
(Pentium III with 196MB RAM) just sitting around also played a major role in
having Ági one day come up with an idea for a digital picture frame which displays
all sorts of useful ( and customizable ) information blended on top of the pictures.
We sat down and she designed the look and feel of what should be displayed.
The only question remaining was, "Can you build it?!"

Well, after going through my usual check list ( no Microsoft tax, remote access
for easy picture transfers and control, web access, extremely small footprint,
ultra-quiet ), a plan started to form... After trying several distros, I settled on
SliTaz Linux. It gave me less than 200MB installed on the disk and
less than 50MB memory resident footprint after some minor tweaks.
I picked up a Belkin USB wireless card from Fry's for $18 which I had no
major issues installing ( zd1211b chipset ), ordered a Compact Flash to
2.5" PATA Hard Disk Adapter from Hong Kong for $5 and got an 8GB
300x CF card for $42. With the laptop, these should do the trick! The
hard part actually was all the work on the casing / frame... It will
be displayed in our living room! It HAD to look good!

The Building Steps :

1. Preparations.
2. Building the frame.
3. Painting the frame.
4. Final Assembly.
5. The Software.

6. Technical Notes.

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