- My Micro Mosquito -

On 25/Sept/2006, my "collection" grew with the Micro Mosquito. I bought it from Radio Shack for $69.99. The very first flight was worth all that money.
2006 Szeptember 25-én vettem egy másik kis helikoptert. A RadioShack boltban "osztogatták" 70 dollárért. Még az nap este bejött az ára, annyira buli.

This little helicopter from RadioShack delivers pretty much everything it promises. The packaging was sturdy and the instruction manual is well written and easy to understand. There are 2 different frequency ranges available for the controls; 27 and 49 MHz. It's about 16.5 cm and weighs a mere 20 grams.

After unpacking, you'll find that the first flight is only minutes away... You just need to charge the battery... There is also a spare prop for the tail rotor as well as a beefier one for slightly faster movements. I use rechargeable batteries on the go...

... and a 7.5V transformer at home for the charge station. Flight time is indeed at the indicated range, 5~7 minutes for about 25 minutes of charge. It's a lot of fun for sure.

- Flight Movie -

Here is a little movie on one
of my first flights. ( 5.56 MB )

- Flight Movie 2 -

Here is an other little movie
on some acrobatic flight. ( 12.6 MB )

- Flight Movie 3 -

Here is a real battle movie
Rishi and I did... ( 38.2 MB )
Hopefully you'll like the sound track...

Latest Heart Surgery :

In September/2008 I had to replace the battery in the Mosquito. The old one didn't take the charge any more and eventually wasn't even able to lift the helicopter. I bought a FireFly at CircuitCity on a Clearance ($7.99) with a half-broken blade and did the heart transplant in 20 minutes. Now my old Mosquito is back buzzing again!
Look at the old battery pack all puffy... That thing was spent!

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